[Bài Tập Ngữ Pháp Tiếng Anh] Bài tập phân biệt hiện tại hoàn thành và hiện tại hoàn thành tiếp diễn


[Bài Tập Ngữ Pháp Tiếng Anh] Bài tập phân biệt hiện tại hoàn thành và hiện tại hoàn thành tiếp diễn

Đề bài

Bài 1:

For each situation,write two sentences using the words in brackets.
1 Tom started reading a book two hours ago. He is still reading it and now he is on page 53.
(read/for two hour) He has been reading for two hours.
(read/53 pages so far) He has read 53 pages so far.
2 Rachel is from Astralia. She is travelling round Europe at the moment. She began her trip three months ago.
(travel/ for three months) She …….
(visit/six countries so far) …….
3 Patrick is a tennis player.He began playing tennis when he was ten years old. This year he is national champion again for the fourth time
(win/the national championships/four times) …….
(play/tennis since he was ten) …….
4 When they left college, Lisa and Sue started making films together. They still make films.
(make/five films since they left college) …….

Bài 2:

For each situation, ask a question using the words in brackets.
1 You have a friend who is learning Arabic. You ask:
(how long/learn/Arabic? ) How long have you been learning Arabic?
2 You have just arrived to meet a friend. She is waiting for you. You ask:
(wait/long) Have ………

3 You see somebody fishing by the river. You ask:
(catch/ any fish?) ………
4 Some friends of yours are having a party next week. You ask:
(how many people/invite?) ………
5 A friend of yours is a teacher. You ask:
(how long/teach) ………
6 You meet somebody who is a writer. You ask:
(how many book/write) ………
(how long /write/books?) ………
7 A friend of yours is saving money to go on holiday. You ask:
(how long /save?) ………
(how much money/save) ………

Bài 3:

Put the verb into the more suitable form, present perfect simple
(I have done) or condinuous ( I have been doing).
1 Where have you been? Have you been playing (you/play) tennis?
2 Look! ….. (somebody/break) that window.
3 You look tired ….. (you/work) hard?
4 ‘…… (you/ever/work) in a factory?’ “No, never”
5 ‘Liz is away on holiday.’ “Is she? Where ….. (she/go).
6 My brother is an actor ….. (he/appear) in several films.
7 ‘Sorry I’m late’. “
That‘s all right ….. (I /not/wait) long?”
8 ‘
Is it still raining?‘ ‘No, ….. (it/stop)‘.
9 …… (I/lose) my address book ….. (you/see) it?
10 …… (I/read) the book you lent me, but ….. (I/not/finish) it yet.
s very interesting.
11 …… (I/read) the book you lent me,so you can have it back now.

Đáp án

Bài 1

2 She‘s been travelling for three months
s visited six countries so far
3 He‘s won the national championships four times
s been playing tennis since he was ten
4 They‘ve made five films since they left college
ve been making films since they left college

Bài 2

2 Have you been waiting long?
3 Have you caught any fish?
4 How mayy people have you invited?
5 How long have you been teaching?
6 How many books have you written?
How long have you been writing books?
7 How long have you been saving?
How much money have you saved?

Bài 3

2 somebody has broken
3 Have you been working
4 Have you ever worked
5 has he gone
6 he‘s appeared
7 I haven’
t been waiting
8 it‘s stopped
9 I’
ve lost
10 I‘ve been reading
11 I’
ve read



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