[Bài Tập Ngữ Pháp Tiếng Anh] Bài tập tương lai gần trong tiếng Anh (Phần 1)


[Bài Tập Ngữ Pháp Tiếng Anh] Bài tập tương lai gần trong tiếng Anh (Phần 1)

Đề bài

Bài 1:

A friend of yours is planning to go on hoiday soon. You ask her about her plans. Use the words in brackets to make your questions.
1 (where/go) Where are you going? Scotland
2 (how long/go for) …………. Ten days
3 (when/leave?) …………….. Next Friday
4 (go/alone?) ………………. No, with a friend
5 (travel/by car?) ………….. No, by train
6 (where/stay?) …………….. In a hotel

Bài 2:

Tom wants you to visit him, but you are very busy. Look at your diary for the next few days and explain to him why you can‘t come
1 Tom: Can you come on Monday evening?
You: Sorry,
but I’m playing volleyball
2 Tom: What about Tuesday evening then?
You: No, not Tuesday, I ….
3 Tom: And Wednesday evening?
You: …….
4 Tom: Well, are you free on Thursday?
You: I‘m afraid not, ….

Bài 3:

Have you arranged to do anything at these times? Write sentences about yourself.
1 (this evening) I‘m going out this evening. or I’m not doing anything this evening
2 (tomorrow morning) I
3 (tomorrow evening)
4 (next Sunday)
5 (choose another day or time)

Bài 4:

Put the verb into the more suitable form, present continuous or present simple.
1 I‘m going(go) to the cinema this evening.
2 Does the film begin (the film/begin) at 3:30 or 4:30?
3 We …. (have) a party next Saturday.Would you like to come?
4 The art exhibition …. (finish0 on 3 May
5 I …. (not/go) out this evening. I …. (stay) at home.
6 …. (you/do) anything tomorrow morning? “No, I’
m free. Why?
7 We …. (go) to an concert tonight. It …. (start) at 7:30
8 I …. (leave) now. I’ve come to say goodbye.
9 A: Have you seen Liz recently?
B: No, but we …. (meet) for lunch next week
You are on the train to London and you ask another passenger:
Excuse me. What time …. (this train/ get) to London?
You are talking to Helen:
Helen, I …. (go) to the supermarket …. (you/come) with me?
You and a friend watching television. You say:
I’m bored with this programme. What time …. (it/end)
13 I …. (not/use) the car this evening so you can have it
13 Sue …. (come) to see us tomorrow. She …. (travel) by train and her
train …. (arrive) at 10.15

Đáp án

Bài 1

2 How long are you going for?

3 When are you leaving?

4 Are you going alone?

5 Are you travelling by car?

6 Where are you staying?

Bài 2

2 I‘m working late

3 I’m going to the theatre

4 I‘m meeting Julia

Bài 3

2 I‘m working tomorrow morning

3 I’m not doing anything tomorrow evening

4 I‘m playing football next Sunday

5 I’m going to a party this evening

Bài 4

3 are having

4 finishes

5 am not going am staying

6 are you doing

7 are going starts

8 am leaving

9 are meeting

10 does this train get

11 am going are you coming

12 does it end

13 am not using

14 is coming is travelling arrives


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